Best Nootropics to Take for Energy

Learners, entrepreneurs, innovators and others with significantly demanding lifestyles are always in the lookout for safe, efficient means to maximize their energy and motivation. Whether it is a critical business conference, presentation, preparing for exam, everyone can benefit immensely from a small boost. Indeed, being in the right state of mind can potentially widen one’s career prospects.

Although nootropics have been around for a while, it is the 2011 blockbuster Limitless that made nootropics a household name. In the award-winning film, one of the characters accidentally comes across a limitless capsule, NZT-48. The pills apparent magical abilities drastically transform him from an average person to a genius in the financial sector.

While there is no energy pill called NZT-48 in the real world, there are many brain supplements that can help give you a mental and physical edge. The primary underlying question that people keen on gaining a psychological advantage over their competition typically have to contend with is: What is the best nootropic to take for energy? If you’re among those who have been pondering over this question, don’t fret since this piece has got you covered.

This piece seeks to help energy nootropic enthusiasts navigate the murky waters of energy supplements. So, what is the best nootropic to take for energy? In this piece, several highly sought after nootropics are discussed in detail. Nootropics discussed in this piece are scientifically packed and are known to produce desirable results within a short duration.


Adrafinil is a laboratory-manufactured supplement that enhances not only cognitive alertness but also wakefulness. This guarantees that you can go through your day without having to take coffee breaks. Unlike other supplements that come with only one property, Adrafinil is endowed with various nootropic attributes. It can bolster your energy levels and is very useful when handling mentally demanding endeavors.


Modafinil was primarily designed to promote wakefulness. Taking a dose of Modafinil guarantees that you can adequately handle your task without dozing off. This nootropic has diverse capabilities since it is also efficient at promoting overall mental performance. This unique combination makes it a fantastic supplement for long and mentally straining tasks. Modafinil is incredibly popular among students and corporate executives everywhere.


Whether you have lots of experience with nootropics or are just starting off with energy supplements, you cannot possibly go wrong with this particular nootropic. The benefits of using Noopept include: significant cognitive enhancement and improved energy levels. Noopept also boasts of neuroprotective capabilities among other properties. Indeed, those who have used Noopept will confess that it offers the benefits you expect from a top of the line nootropic.


Just like Adrafinil, Piracetam is a superb energy and motivation enhancer. Piracetam is less potent hence is ideal for those who are starting off. Piracetam functions by improving the flow of cellular fluids to the brain. This function explains why it is popular among artist and other individuals in the creative field. Piracetam also reduces anxiety hence allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.


L-Theanine is a member of the amino family and occurs naturally in tea. This nootropic induces a calming effect and boosts creativity. Those who use L-Theanine regularly will agree that it is even more effective when consumed with caffeine.